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Vlog # 221
aaj sambhal lena..
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Flying Beast
Flying Beast महीने पहले
Aaj sambhal lena 🙏
Anjali Chauhan
Anjali Chauhan 3 दिन पहले
sir plzzz rashu ko chota अ bda आ mt bulwaiye ...agy usko correct krne m problm hogi ..plzz usko sounds ke sath hi krwaiye
Sahil Ali shah
Sahil Ali shah महीने पहले
🙏🏼 God bless u always bhai ❤
The Music productions
The Music productions महीने पहले
@Aman Upadhyay 😂
Rishan Chowdhury.
Rishan Chowdhury. महीने पहले
Owww... Pari ka hair style. ❤❤❤ Love you rashvari.. God bless her. thank you Mr gaurav taneja to bring the chance to love her also. 🇧🇩
Nazia Asad
Nazia Asad महीने पहले
@Harshit Tiwary inposts.info/chart/N03Mlg2xMw60-4pai0tVBQ
Play Mode
Play Mode 2 दिन पहले
Prachi Jain
Prachi Jain 7 दिन पहले
When Rashu said "Bacche bajao taali" was very cute who agrees like my comment 👇
Suhani Sankhawar
Suhani Sankhawar 12 दिन पहले
Bilkul sahi kaha apne..mere sath bhi aisa hua ...I am a girl ...but still telling this ...😓 Jab aisa hota h na to hme khud hi nhi pata rehta h ki ye sahi h ya galat ...jab padh kar thodi akal aayi pata chala to feel hua that was very very very bad...😓😭😭😭😭
Suhani Sankhawar
Suhani Sankhawar 12 दिन पहले
She is so intelligent 😍😱❣️
Triggered Devansh
Triggered Devansh 12 दिन पहले
Yes You Are Doing Right We Should Tell Our Small Children About Bad And Good Touches
Vikrant Singh Kushwah
Vikrant Singh Kushwah 16 दिन पहले
Happy Birthday bhabhiiiii ji ♥️
Amar Ojha
Amar Ojha 24 दिन पहले
Pinni chaie mujhe bhi Bhai
Mythical Melmetal
Mythical Melmetal 26 दिन पहले
Happened with me!😔
anil jha
anil jha 29 दिन पहले
Waah rashu toh intelligent had bhot
_ 29 दिन पहले
Thank you for sharing it this happened to me while traveling from a hospital to somewhere in a auto in board day light i froze and couldn't say any the auto wala was taking somewhere where it was a jungle something just kicked in and I told him to turn and got out of the auto, I couldn't do anything not even take the pic of the auto no. I had anxiety attacks after that didn't tell anyone about it till now my health got worse, if something like this or even traveling alone I get panic because of what had happened
Aastika Saxena
Aastika Saxena महीने पहले
The message in last was do important kudos👍
Lil Sister Leena
Lil Sister Leena महीने पहले
Watch my videos too...
Surjeet Singh
Surjeet Singh महीने पहले
As cute as rashu gets, can my daughter get her love for Harleen.UCrPP1B8Od8IjeohWjmtMqdw
A महीने पहले
Ye Rashi 👆 Chane cooker me se nikaal diye, aur khali cooker gas pe chadha diya, chadha diya, chada diya
Sompita Shukla
Sompita Shukla महीने पहले
My god how fluently she is speaking
Nitesh pawar
Nitesh pawar महीने पहले
Thank you bhai for sharing such thoughts 💙
KORALA MAAN महीने पहले
"I pray whosoever Random person Reads this Become successful and achieve everything 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Nèetù S
Nèetù S महीने पहले
That's such an important message 🔥
Aarav Garachh
Aarav Garachh महीने पहले
2:27 pe kya tha??? ACHHE se Suno*
Bidisha Ghosh
Bidisha Ghosh महीने पहले
Her smile is exactly like Gourav sir❤️...... Cuteeee rashu
Kavya Gupta
Kavya Gupta महीने पहले
Luv you bro💛
Samyak Tech
Samyak Tech महीने पहले
Bajao taali😂😂❤️
Sabarno Nandan
Sabarno Nandan महीने पहले
Sabarno Nandan
Sabarno Nandan महीने पहले
Patel Ami
Patel Ami महीने पहले
2:57 i heard this part like 100 times
Himanshu_Raj_18 महीने पहले
inposts.info/start/fHuJeqCAwY1prJY/v-iy war full movie in my playlist one by one
Hina Thapa
Hina Thapa महीने पहले
Sea Warriors
Sea Warriors महीने पहले
I agree with you sir
Zickta Game Tech
Zickta Game Tech महीने पहले
Nilesh Kale
Nilesh Kale महीने पहले
1:47 thanx for sharing bro🙂🙏🏼
Nilesh Kale
Nilesh Kale महीने पहले
4:08 was missing that.. gud bhabhi pass hai
Paromita Dey
Paromita Dey महीने पहले
Vineeta महीने पहले
Exactly.. Stay aware.. stay safe.. good message Sir.. We are the one who can bring change in our society, by being the change we want. Thanks a lot for sharing.
hang Kandangwa
hang Kandangwa महीने पहले
Itni talented h rashu🙌😘
Krishna Bhagat
Krishna Bhagat महीने पहले
Very informative and necessary. Awareness is good 👍
Prashant parihar
Prashant parihar महीने पहले
Happy family
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Tanvi Uniyal Gairola
Tanvi Uniyal Gairola महीने पहले
Hi sir......I m big fan of ur family and rasbhari specially........ after watching it vlog......I m watching ur vlog from starting.......❤️❤️
Thank you for sharing the valuable information 🙏
Manoj Brahma
Manoj Brahma महीने पहले
Right... Bhai...
Shaurya Lakhani
Shaurya Lakhani महीने पहले
The thumbnail forces us to see the video😍❤️
harshal shrikhande
harshal shrikhande महीने पहले
Very nice message
Mayank Patel
Mayank Patel महीने पहले
Happened with me too when i was in 8th or something.
JAGGA DAAKU महीने पहले
Bhaji it's a reality aisa bahut hota hai........
Devendra Singh
Devendra Singh महीने पहले
Rashu ko dekh ke apna bachpan yaad aata hai
Sohan gamer guy
Sohan gamer guy महीने पहले
Strong 💪🙂💪 est
sai kethan
sai kethan महीने पहले
shyam s. sajwan
shyam s. sajwan महीने पहले
Bahut hi Jaruri message Diya Gaurav bhai aapane abhi parents ko jaruri hai education Dena bacchon ko
VIJAY Rajotiya
VIJAY Rajotiya महीने पहले
Right bro
Atharv Dabas
Atharv Dabas महीने पहले
Hamko sahi galat ko pahchanna bhi sikhana ha aur galat se ladna bhi. #missionprahar
More than vlogger truly inspiration guy with no doubts
Aditi Tripathi
Aditi Tripathi महीने पहले
Hatts off to u...That u shared ur own bad experience as well🤗😣😐
maths lover
maths lover महीने पहले
Our English teacher was also lefty she told us that if lefty start writing with right he/she can also loss their memory
CFH cook from home
CFH cook from home महीने पहले
es dushere par banaye halwai jaisi jalebi ghar par inposts.info/start/hXajpnp-14R9ec0/v-iy support me plz
The Flop streams
The Flop streams महीने पहले
Gaurav bhai I really appreciate your thoughts. I really respect your and your dad's views. Please never stop making videos. We all love your family. :D
dhanno a.
dhanno a. महीने पहले
Bhaabhi kaha h???
Illuminar Classes
Illuminar Classes महीने पहले
Great ideas.
Yes Vlogs
Yes Vlogs महीने पहले
Great sir 👍👍🙏🙏
Priyali Sharma
Priyali Sharma महीने पहले
Kasam se jaise rashuu ate makkhan....being 14 yr old I still eat butter like that😂😍❤️😂
Ramanand Bhalerao
Ramanand Bhalerao महीने पहले
Yes sir 😎😎
Vishal Dhawan
Vishal Dhawan महीने पहले
U r Gentle man aap bhot ache insaan hai Bhaiii jo Aapne aise baat boli or Awareness di
PIAA PALAK महीने पहले
Hum sab ki pyari Rashi Krishna ji ban gyi malai vala scene ....😂
Vidikshu Patel
Vidikshu Patel महीने पहले
Sir aap rashi ko rashi se cicus plant me panni na dalvye kuki jab wo pani tub me bharne k liye zukti hai to cicus ke leaves ke terminal end pe pointed part hota hai jise rashi ki eyes me lag sakta hai ......
Biplab Barman
Biplab Barman महीने पहले
Sir you are Great 👌. lovely family Your every video is very nice
shrishti sharma
shrishti sharma महीने पहले
Please tulsi me pine wala pani daale..
rakhi bhadange
rakhi bhadange महीने पहले
Bhavya Bhavya
Bhavya Bhavya महीने पहले
That cycle wala incident happened with me he was from my family only and i was approx 8-9 years old only now i think maine us time kisiko btaya kyu nhi but mai bht dar gai thi aur isme ye lgta h ki glti hmari h 😒jo ki bilkul galat hota h
R Singh
R Singh महीने पहले
Very very important message....mere sath bhi hua the when i was 4 never told this till now to anyone.
Dahaka Op
Dahaka Op महीने पहले
Liked for gauraav sir otherwise dislike for ritu
Ajita Shukla
Ajita Shukla महीने पहले
So lovely ♥️🌸
rinku patel
rinku patel महीने पहले
रोटी कपडा मकान..... दाल, आटा, सब्जी....
Sachin Verma
Sachin Verma महीने पहले
L se Like karo C se comment karo S se Share karo Baki Bachhe bajao taali....🙈🙈🙈🙈
Vestige Youth
Vestige Youth महीने पहले
Rashu doctor banegi . 💖💖💖💖
Mohit Jawalkar_1617
Mohit Jawalkar_1617 महीने पहले
Right sir🙏🏻👍
Poonam Pawar
Poonam Pawar महीने पहले
Muskan 2425
Muskan 2425 महीने पहले
She is so cute
gitesh jangid
gitesh jangid महीने पहले
Rewatched that.. k se kabutar kh se khargosh 😍❤️😍😍❤️😍
Neha Vlogs
Neha Vlogs महीने पहले
Nice bhaiya ji....👌👌👌😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏
Dharamvir Singh
Dharamvir Singh महीने पहले
Rashi small achievements in studies
Ramya Shree
Ramya Shree महीने पहले
You both inspire ♥️😘😘
Rahul Playz
Rahul Playz महीने पहले
5:00 🙏 Important Mudda Hai Ye 🙏
dheeraj gupta
dheeraj gupta महीने पहले
Gud Gaurav Bhai, Gud Message Convey
dheeraj gupta
dheeraj gupta महीने पहले
God Bless U Rassu
Angel Ansari
Angel Ansari महीने पहले
MashaAlllah MashaAllah she is so intelligent👍👍👍👍👍👍... nd very pretty too🤩🤩🤩🦋🦋🦋🦋🌸🌸🌸🌸
Monika महीने पहले
Please send me pinni recipe. When I made it become brown. But ur mother made yellow color pinni how?? I want to make for my husband. My hubby like those pinni. Please help me
Patricia David
Patricia David महीने पहले
You are absolutely right.
robin hill
robin hill महीने पहले
At 4:10 rashuu❤️😍 does she say "waah bhai waah"😅
Huma Q
Huma Q महीने पहले
I need help with Flipkart support. They r not helping at all
dipjyoti kalita
dipjyoti kalita महीने पहले
Imran Jivani
Imran Jivani महीने पहले
It take courage to say wat u said in end
Vani Nailwal
Vani Nailwal महीने पहले
So true ❤️😎
Naveen Harsh Lakra
Naveen Harsh Lakra महीने पहले
Yes sir your concern is correct.....
Best massage from bhai 💯
Rajat Verma
Rajat Verma महीने पहले
Ap sahi bolre ho , aisa hi sach bolo sab toh Duniya acchi jagah banegi JAI SHIVJI JAI YODHAO JI JAI BHARAT
Vandana Rajput
Vandana Rajput महीने पहले
Think Good, Do Best
Think Good, Do Best महीने पहले
Hi sir. I am from westbengal after celebrating maha saptomi of durga puja and before going to bed I am watching your video. Before sleep I can't but watch your video
Dilkaran Singh Gill
Dilkaran Singh Gill महीने पहले
good 1
Varun Malhotra
Varun Malhotra महीने पहले
Great message bhaiya
She has started Blackmailing me with ...
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